At GeoKleen we take Corporate and Social Responsibility seriously. It is vital to our current and future success. As the green movement advances, and our technology becomes more accepted and utilized, we embrace our responsibility and accountability to our customers, communities, and employees.

Our responsibility is to maintain a positive work environment where our employees feel valued. We  provide training and developmental opportunities that  promote professional and personal growth so our employees achieve job satisfaction.

We owe it to our customers to provide quality, environmentally friendly products that they can use and trust. Further, we only partner with suppliers that meet our social responsibility standards.

We maintain and build trust with all of our employees, customers, communities, suppliers, and investors by ensuring that our marketing and communication efforts are truthful and appropriate.

Stakeholder Relations

Communications and good relations are essential for establishing and maintaining mutual trust. Being open and responsible are important aspects of our relationship with stakeholders. Good stakeholder relations are critical to our ability to do business. GeoKleen’s commitment to sustainability means that we must engage with stakeholders in all sectors of our society.

Our relationships with stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers and authorities, are generally formalized to facilitate continuous cooperation.

Business Integrity

At GeoKleen, Integrity is very important in our daily business activities. Additionally, we hope to inspire our business partners and other stakeholders to embrace this same philosophy.

Responsible Purchasing

Responsible purchasing at GeoKleen is incorporated into our daily business activities. Suppliers are important business partners in our supply and value chain.  In collaboration, we work to achieve our committed goal of creating the necessary balance required for healthier lives, a cleaner environment and sustainable business.


A cleaner environment enhances healthy lives.

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